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Owner Wikia, Inc.
Founder ToiletNinja
Formed March 18, 2014
Purpose An information source on The Haunting, The Haunted, their universe, and their related media, including the spawn of two new shows. This site is for fans to

enjoy and contribute.

Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki is a wiki based resource and community site dedicated to The Haunting, The Haunted, and the two spawned upcoming sequels.

The goals of Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki are:

  1. To be the ultimate guide to everything related to the franchise — inside and outside the universe. Everyone is encouraged to help and add everything they know.
  2. To create a community site for members to share their views and their theories on the Haunted shows and movies.

Membership Edit

Why should I be a part of Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki? Edit

Our resource of information on The Haunting is encouraged to be written, maintained and updated by people like you. Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki is dependent on volunteers for its continued survival.

What can I do on Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki? Edit

Many wonder what they can do on, or how they can help Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki. Fortunately, you can ask the administrators what you can help with and they'll give you a task!

  • Improve and/or rewrite articles: As Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki is based on everything The Haunting, this can be said to be the core activity of the site.
  • Express your views through blog posts: Writing a blog post is a good way to let your opinion on the original TV series, the film adaptation or even the wiki itself be known in the community.
  • Chat with other community members: You can chat in real time with other community members on IRC, which can be accessed here.

What are the rules on Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki? Edit

Being a wiki-based site, which by its nature should be editable by anyone, there is a necessity of having certain policies and guidelines (or "rules") to guide use of the site. Our policies and guidelines can be found here.

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