Grayson and Drake heading into the Badlands.

The Badlands is a place which originally was an ordinary peaceful land, but the people and technology were all destroyed, presumably by Herobrine. However, some buildings survived such as The House of Herobrine, The Sword Repair Shop, and The Jungle Cabin. After the original land's downfall, it became a host to many kingdoms and the barbaric land of Largoth. The kingdoms were all destroyed by Herobrine and his cultists after a long period of time, and Largoth is believed to also have been destroyed. After this, it finally became known as the Badlands and was plagued by both Herobrine and Armenbrine.

Mentions & ViewsEdit

The following is a list of the times Bad Lands was mentioned, or seen in The Haunted.

The Haunting 3 & BeforeEdit

During the events of the Haunting 3, Drake, Armen and Grayson attempt to escape Herobrine by jumping into a portal. This portal leads to the Badlands, the same place where Herobrine wrecked havoc. It is believed by Drake and Grayson that the Badlands is actually their original world, however, the portal just sent them far into the future. This was confirmed when they found the House of Herobrine in that world. While it appears to be nothing more than a wasteland in its current state, it once was filled with towns and other cities. However, this wasn't always the case, and still may not apply as it's likely that some towns have yet to perish.

The HauntedEdit

It seems that Herobrine swept through the original land and reduced the powerful race of people, with all of their technology, back to the medieval era. However, some of the technology did survive, and some of the old buildings, such as the House of Herobrine, the sword repair shop Armen went to in the first Haunting movie, the railway station underneath the Red Keep, and the Jungle Cabin, survived.

Seasons & Time ChangesEdit

While time does pass in the Badlands, sometimes it gives odd skips, such as the sudden turning to midnight while Drake and Grayson were in an overgrown forest and the random changes in time while they were in building in Iron Myre's capital. It has been known to change seasons, and it was noted in the Haunted: Sunken Treasure that it was turning to winter in these lands.