The people, possibly humans, who work for and hail Herobrine and Armenbrine as their leader. They sacrifice possibly people or anything with flesh for the pleasing of Armenbrine/Herobrine. The Cultist have slaves to do their work & have ceremonies to worship Herobrine.

Mentions & ViewsEdit

The following is a list of the times Cultist was mentioned, or seen in The Haunted.

The Haunting 3Edit

Great Prices
Their work was first seen in the Haunting 3 Part 5, inside the shop Great Prices, where there was a hole in the floor leading to a room made from what Drake believed was flesh. On one wall was a sign saying: "Sacrifice the Innocent to Him", with a cauldron full of blood beside it. These cultists were seen once again in another building, where they turned a person into an armor and put a sword of flesh in a locker, plus added a sign saying "Hail Herobrine".

The HauntedEdit

So far in the Haunted episodes, they have only been mentioned by Grayson when he and Drake were reunited. They were also mentioned to have taken over the Red Keep after it was destroyed, trying to mine something out from beneath it. The Cultists are known to keep slaves to do their work for them.

The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine Edit

They have been primarily mentioned in the episode Belly of the Beast at Hell's entrance, where they had provided two giant Ender swords to fight off hordes of zombies, skeletons, spiders, and cave spiders to any other cultists in that group who enter Hell.