"I won't be seeing that place again"
Grayson after they fled his house in "The Hunt"

Grayson's House in the Badlands is an abandoned Iron Myrian castle near Alduin's Keep. Grayson had taken residence some time after the events of "Memories (short)," where he lost his house in Emerald City and his family met their demise.

Overview Edit

This place was found abandoned by Grayson, presumably after Herobrine had attacked the five kingdoms.
Grayson's House secretsecret room

Grayson's underground secret room

It has a large courtyard, with a little undercover area above for his dogs, and there is a small area where Grayson's bed, fireplace and potions are overlooking the courtyard, with red stained glass windows. In one wall of this area is a secret door, which opens out into a room full of dusty old bookshelves. In this secret room, there is a secret trap-door which opens into another secret room, where Grayson takes all "dangerous magical items" and maps, as well as his money. "The Hunt" Grayson burned his house down so that Drake, Mia and he could escape the mercenaries.
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Grayson burning his house down.