Jungle Cabin
Type Cabin
Location Jungle Biome, The Three Biomes (The Haunting 2)
Jungle near the House of Herobrine, Badlands (The Haunted)
Owner Old Man in the Woods
First episode "The Haunting: Second Life"
Latest episode "Sunken Treasure"
The Jungle Cabin is a location in The Haunting: Second Life and Season 1 of The Haunted.

Overview Edit

The Jungle Cabin was a place in the Jungle of the Three Biomes where Drake woke up in The Haunting 2: Second Life. It contained a bed, a furnace, a chest and a crafting table. It also had some writing on the wall, written by the Old Man. This described his meeting of Armen in the jungle, who eventually found Drake as he returned from trying to find the centre temple in the centre of The Three Biomes.

History Edit

Grayson's Establishment Edit

Sometime before Armen and Drake's arrival at the Cabin, Grayson had temporarily lived in this location. He had sufficiently explored the area before the arrival of Armen.

When Armen arrives, the two meet and they talk about the surrounding area, including its temples. Giving Armen some gear and a map, they part and Armen goes to the temples, while Grayson returns to his house. He writes on his journal until Herobrine attacks him.

The Haunting: Second Life Edit

Some time after Grayson's attack, Drake appears on the bed and reunites with Armen, who had not seen Grayson's fate. The two go around the area, eventually heading off the the Snow Temple.

After getting the Sacred Diamond from the Snow and Jungle Temples, they were teleported back to the Jungle Cabin to escape Herobrine. After they left to find the Desert temple, they have not returned, as they were forced into the Nether to fight Herobrine.

The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine Edit

""Shouldn't there be... words on the signs?""
Drake as he noticed Grayson's journal

The Jungle Cabin has made an appearance in The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine as Drake was dreaming. When he looked around, he asked himself, referring to the blank signs on the wall.

The Haunted Edit

Season 1 Edit

The Jungle Cabin also made a cameo appearance in "Sunken Treasure," in a jungle nearby the remains of the House of Herobrine. The Jungle Cabin was somewhat recognized by Grayson, but not by Drake. The overgrown forest is possibly now all that remains of the Three Biomes.