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Full Name Tyler (unknown last name)
Nickname(s) Legit
Sex Male
Birth date Unknown
Born in Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Occupation Set Designer
Moderator (formerly)
Website [N/A N/A]
Role(s) Armenbrine (The Magic Library)
Living Sapling

LegitxxGlitch is an actor and set designer for The Haunted series. He portrays many creatures and characters in The Haunted, most notably the main antagonist Armenbrine in Episode 13 of Season 1.

He was a moderator for The Admin Chickens. He is a former helper of The Admin Chickens, a Bureaucrat at Minecraft: The Haunted Wiki as User:LegitxxGlitch, and currently a member of Evergreen Studios.


Helping The Admin Chickens Edit

At some point in the making of The Haunted, LegitxxGlitch became a moderator for The Admin Chickens on their server.

Production of The Haunted Season 1 Edit

In the beginning of production of Episode 6.5, LegitxxGlitch began helping out in The Haunted, mainly as an actor for several background characters. However, he also portrayed some Mercenaries in many episodes, as well as Armenbrine, due to xikroniczz's leave to The Admin Chickens.

He was also a Set Designer, mainly for the Magic Library.

Disbandment of The Admin Chickens Edit

At some time, RejectedShotgun dissolved The Admin Chickens to join the Overwatch Crew, due to his entertainment geared towards Overwatch.

Joining Evergreen Studios Edit

LegitxxGlitch joins Evergreen Studios and he continues his work on The Haunted. He is in charge of the Casting Call for The Haunted animation arc of upcoming The Haunted content.

Production of The Haunted Season 2 Edit



The HauntedEdit


  • LegitxxGlitch is a super amazing person who fell from the sky and killed the great gorilla terrorist of New York 2132
  • Massive fan of David Bowie.

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