Drake and Grayson discovering the abandoned railway.

The Railway of the Red Keep is a railway system which Drake and Grayson found underneath the Red Keep in the Haunted Episode 4: Time. It had creepy, flickering lights which seemed to run on an electrical current keeping just ahead of them, and contained many ruined trains, some of which even contained spoiled food including bread, apples and caramel. It has exactly the same technology which both Drake and Grayson had used before, mainly on the Arctic Base, however most of it was out of use, such as several rusted guns and rusted ammunition, and a computer which Grayson never managed to get to work. It had a safe inside a room which contained an old document appearing to be a checklist, a pile of old newspapers, and the Last Entry. A door in the wall was opened by Grayson, using a lever contained in the same room. This room was full of plants which made them catch fire, a backpack containing a rusted shotgun, rusted ammo and some clothing. Skulls lined the floor of the room, and there was a river of blood flowing down the back. This room really creeped Drake and Grayson out. The last that was seen of the Railway was at the end of the episode, when Armen whispered Drake's name, and Drake fell after Grayson into what appeared to be a whirlpool, and blacked out.