Sacred Diamond

Sacred Diamond Ore

Sacred Diamond

Vital statistics
Type Magical Item
Effects Teleportation on user
Grants the power of Herobrine
Source Unknown (possibly Demon Realm)
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown
The Sacred Diamonds are magical items used by Drake, Armen, and Herobrine in The Haunting: Minecraft Movie, The Haunting: Second Life, The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine, and The Haunted, with a mention in The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine.

Overview Edit

These highly resemble regular diamonds, however, they give off a massive magical signature as well as always appearing in specific locations, such as the Magic Library.

These are speculated to supply Herobrine his magical capabilities, as noted from "The Magic Library" that the destruction caused Herobrine to weaken and leave Armen's body.

Saying "Sacred Diamond[s]" would most likely teleport the user.


The Haunting: Minecraft MovieEdit


The Sacred Diamond in The Haunting 1

The diamonds were first seen by Drake and Armen when they were first getting haunted by Herobrine in The House of Herobrine. After an attempt to destroy them, Drake and Armen fell into a void which brought them to a different dimension.

The Haunting 2: Second Life Edit

Otherwise known as The Three Biomes. In order to leave their location they retrieve the diamonds from each of the biomes and placed them in the center biome temple, where the three biomes meet. The first diamond was retrieved from the Snow Temple. The next one was retrieved at the Jungle Temple (not the normal ones that spawn in the biome). The third, last one was retrieved at the sand temple, which was filled with many monsters. Armen has kept the three diamonds until an unknown time between The Haunting 2 and The Haunting 3.

The Haunting 3: Legend of Herobrine Edit

After these events, the diamonds haven't been seen for thousands of years until the final confrontation with Herobrine in Iron Port. Due to Armen's sacrifice, there was no need to destroy the diamonds, so Drake and Grayson left the caves and split their separate ways.

The HauntedEdit

A few years later, Drake found a hideout and a secret room that contained one of the sacred diamonds. It was protected by a heavy magical seal and levitating in the air inside a container made of pure titanium through electromagnets. However, sometime after Drake left his home, Armenbrine attacked the home, creating a big, gaping hole on the chamber wall, resisting the magical spell, destroyed the electro-magnets, and stole the Sacred Diamond, taking it to the Magical Library. During their battle at the library, Drake is given Andruin, the remnant of the Fiery Sword, to destroy one of the three diamonds. He destroys one, leaving the two others to the fate of the library and its magic itself.

The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine Edit

Due to the destruction of one of the diamonds, it caused the Magical Library to rupture and release all of it magic, warping anything it touches and creating a cataclysm.