The Haunted, The Haunted/Season 2: Shadow of Herobrine
Country of origin United States of America
No. of episodes 2
Original channel RejectedShotgun
Original run March 25, 2016 - TBA
Time slot
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Season 2 of The Haunted, originally going to be called Resurrecton and now called Shadow of Herobrine officially premiered onliine on March 25, 2016.

Originally this season was supposed to be a movie, but due to limitations in production time, it was set to a series.

This season is still under production of The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine Episode 3.

This series starts three months after the events of The Magic Library, where one of the Sacred Diamonds were destroyed and Herobrine left Armen's body to die. Armen was thought to be dead. Then, Drake, Grayson, and Mia all separated and went their own ways through portals. The main protagonist is still Drake, who returns home only to find out that he can still save Armen. He then sets off into another quest to save Armen.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Minor Cast Edit

  • xikroniczz & Gamecrown96 as Lizards
  • xikroniczz as Mercenary Captain
  • xikroniczz as Stray Dog
  • Other characters TBA

Helper and Credits Edit

  • Gamecrown96 & LegitxxGlitch - Set Desginers
  • Gamecrown96 - Director
  • Gamecrown96 & xikroniczz & LegitxxGlitch - Behind the Scenes
  • RejectedShotgun - Camera Man
  • RejectedShotgun - Video Editor

Episodes Edit

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
2 2 March 25, 2016 TBA
No. # Title Online Airdate Prod. Code Viewers
1 1 "The Gateway" March 25, 2016 201 TBA
"Three Months after the events of the Magic Library, Drake returns to his home. Once there, he sees how everything held up in his absence. Very soon after, he encounters something very unusual."
2 2 "Belly of the Beast" July 10, 2016 102 TBA
"Upon entering the Demon Portal, Drake and Grayson are faced with an incredibly strange environment. They must fight their way through hell and discover Armen's whereabouts. However, something is watching them from far away..."
3 3 TBA TBA 203 TBA

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Character Chart Edit

In some episodes, characters can either be absent (A/Absent), have little to small lines (SL/Small Lines), have 'no lines' at all (NL/No Line), or simply weren't part of the series yet (NAC/Not a Character). This chart will show you, when their absences or silent appearance takes place.

Key: F: Character Chart
101 102
Armen SL NL

Trivia Edit

  • Belly of the Beast had the least amount of people to produce for an episode. RejectedShotgun and Gamecrown96 were the only people who were involved.
  • Originally, this series was supposed to be called Resurrection.
    • This was originally supposed to be a movie.