The Last Entry

Drake Finding the Last Entry

The Last Entry is a script Grayson and Drake discovered deep inside an abandoned railway station underneath the Red Keep. It described that everybody saw two white orbs when they closed their eyes, and how they had not developed the technology needed to stop "this thing". This hints that they were attacked by Herobrine, and tells of how the writer believes he is the last survivor of Him. Both Grayson and Drake were freaked out by this, especially since they were inside an abandoned railway station that hasn't been used for years and is underneath a place with no technology at all.

Text of the Last Entry Edit

"It's 2172. 2172 and we haven't developed the technology to stop this... this thing. We all see it aat night when we close our eyes. The two white orbs. They have seen and created so much death and destruction. Even with our technology we are defenceless. Nobody saw it coming. Now we are paying the price for our ignorance. Ignoring this potential threat. Now we're all doomed. I'm leaving this room tomorrow in hopes of finding others. The trains down here have all crashed and burned. I don't want to believe it, but I fear I am the last one. Nobody is using the radio. All the stations are static or are just playing automated messages. The internet is silent. No signs of life. I'm leaving. To whoever may find this... god help you."